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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Hide file in Photo

How to hide a file in Photo/Image

fileWant to hide any executable file in an image? Hiding a file in an image is very simple process. All you need to have a computer (windows/Linux) and some basic knowledge.
1. The image (image.gif) file into which we'll be hiding our file.
2. Files which we'll be merging with the image file.
Now before we start compress your files (which will be merged with image) to
Open command prompt and move to the folder (by cd command) where the files are present (image.gif and and type the code:
copy /b newfile.gif
Open terminal. Move to the directory, where both files are present. And type the following code:
cat image.gif

Done! If you open the file with image viewer the file will act like an image. Now there are two ways to access the files either change the extension of new file to .zip or open the file with a zip extractor.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

10 Useful Linux Commands

There are lots of linux commands out there but below are 10 useful commands which may be very useful to you. (directory)

Change directory to (directory) Note: ../ is to go back a directory.

2. chmod a+x (file)

Change permission of file to all + excecute.

3. ls

List the stuff in this directory.

4. rm (file)

Delete (file). Note: You may need command 2.

5. top

shows top processes

6. vi (file)

Edit file in vi text editor Note: Type ":qa!" without the quotes and press enter to quit WITHOUT saving.

7. ./(file)

Excecute (file).

8. mv (file) (newfilename)

Rename (file) to (newfilename).Note: If the new file name has a directory in it as in "../Desktop/file.txt" will move the file back one directory into desktop and name it file.txt.

9. su

Become root. Note: sudo is a command to do a function as root.

10. shutdown now

Shutdown the computer... NOW!

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