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How to Change Drive Icon in Windows
Are you bored with your predefined drive icons? If yes then this tutorial will help youChange the Drive Iconin Windows.

Friday, 11 October 2013

How to copy Copy Protected files

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Ever bought a CD of your favourite music and want copy it to your cell phone to listen the music. But when you try to copy it from your computer it says "Can't Copy, Copy Protected !!" or Similar. Now you're doomed!!. But don't worry, every problem has atleast one solution for sure!
To Copy, Copy Protected files, we're going to use a program, called IsoBuster. It is a Data recovery Program
You can download IsoBuster here.

Let's get Started

Step 1

First of all You have to Download and Install IsoBuster.

Step 2

Start IsoBuster and put your CD/DVD into your CD/DVD Drive.

Step 3

Now, In the IsoBuster Window, click on Session 1 on the right hand side and select all of the tracks.

Step 4

Right click on the selected tracks and click Extract Objects. Now browse to the Folder, where you want to Extract the Objects.
Now you can copy those files to your phone or any music player!
Note: Altering Copy Protected Files is illegal. So be Careful!!! and Don't get caught!
I'm not responsible for your actions!

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

HTML Mini Course

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HTML, or Hyper Text Markup Language, is used to create a Web site. HTML tells your Web browser what text to display, what images will appear, and what color of texts will appear in the Web Page. HTML pages are created using a text editor such as Notepad or Notepad++. (I would recommend you to go with Notepad ++)
After completing this mini crash course you will be able to create your very first web page!
Good luck!


HTML is very easy to learn. Below are the Basics of HTML is explained, keep reading.
HTML is composed of two main parts: the head and the body. You must begin every HTML document with the tag <html> and end every document with </html> .
The basic structure for an HTML file is as follows:
<html> -> Open HTML
<head> -> Open HEAD
</head> -> End HEAD
<body> -> Open BODY
</body> -> End BODY
</html> -> End HTML

HEAD Section

The HEAD section of an HTML document allows you to add title to Web Page and include other pieces of data, such as META tags and scripts.
To add title to your Web Page add the following line in head section:
<title>This is the Title of this page</title>

BODY Section

The BODY section of an HTML document is where all the action occurs (means all the contents of the page are placed here). You can add text, pictures, scripts and also embed videos in body section.

Putting texts in our Web Page

To put texts in the Web Page, we can simply write the text in between the <body> and </body> tags. For example:
<title>Title Goes Here</title>
This is Sample Text. This tutorial is written by HellBoundGeeks

To Change Text Size or Color we use FONT tag. To change the text size we put the "size" parameter in FONT tag:
<font size="5">This is Sample text with size 5</font>

Now To Change text color we use "color" parameter in the FONT tag.
<font size="5" color="blue">This is Sample text with size 5 and color Blue</font>

Output of this code will look like:
This is Sample text with size 5 and color Blue

Displaying Images in Web Page

To display images in our Web Pages we will use the IMG tag. Here is the sample code:
<img src="Image file name goes here">

Here "img" stands for "image" and "src" stands for "source".

Linking to other Pages

It is most important part of the Internet and Web Pages, without links we can not imagine how the Internet would look like.
So, how to create a link? To link to other pages or to other Websites we use A tag. Here is the sample code:
<a href="this is where you place the URL or HTML file name"> this is what will appear in the browser window</a>

An example of linking to other page will look like this:
Click here to go to page 4

Putting it all together

Let's review what we've learned.
<font color="blue" size="5">Welcome to HellBoundGeeks</font>
<img src="hell.jpg">
<a href="">Click here to go to HBG home page.</a>

Output of the above code will look like:

Welcome to HellBoundGeeks

Click here to go to HBG home page.

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Saturday, 5 October 2013

CMD tricks Collection

Awesome CMD tricks

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For most people command prompt seems boring. But with these command prompt tricks/codes it won't seem that boring as before.
Here is the list of cmd commands:


With this command you can change the current Title of the command prompt window. For exmaple :
title hellboundgeeks

will change the title of the cmd window to "hellboundgeeks".


Sets the default console foreground and background colors. For example:
color [attribute]

Color attributes are specified by TWO hex digits -- the first corresponds to the background; the second the foreground. Each digit can be any of the following values:
0 = Black 8 = Gray
1 = Blue 9 = Light Blue
2 = Green A = Light Green
3 = Aqua B = Light Aqua
4 = Red C = Light Red
5 = Purple D = Light Purple
6 = Yellow E = Light Yellow
7 = White F = Bright White

produces light green on black background.

Watch Star Wars in ASCII

You can watch "Star Wars Episode IV" in command prompt. But it would be of completely in ASCII texts. To watch Star Wars Episode IV, in cmd type the following:

Note: In Windows 7, by default, you can not watch "Star Wars" because telnet is not activated. You have to activate telnet in order to watch "Star Wars".


Tree command Graphically displays the folder structure of a drive or path.
TREE [drive:][path] [/F] [/A]

/F Display the names of the files in each folder.
/A Use ASCII instead of extended characters.
tree c:\

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Awesome websites to Learn Hacking

Awesome Websites to Learn Hacking

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Are you one of those who are interested in Hacking and want to learn How the Hackers do those stuff? Than the websites mentioned below will help you pull out something and you can do those hacky stuffs too.

Let's move to our list of Awesome Websites to Learn Hacking !


If you have used Backtrack than you must have known it's usefulness in Hacking and Penetration Testing. This website provides many tutorials using Backtrack and they have their own training programs. Visit this Site:

Hack This Site!

Hack This Site is one of the best ethical hacking training website. This site provides many hacking and cracking challenges to test your skills. This site also provides vast selections of ethical hacking articles and tools. Visit this Site:

HellBound Hackers

HellBound Hackers is a security training website which provides wide range of topics including programming, cracking, encryption etc. This website also provide hacking, cracking, encryption and many challenges too. Visit this Site:

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Friday, 4 October 2013

How to Change Drive Icon in Windows

How to Change Drive Icon

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drive icon

Are you bored with your predefined drive icons? If yes then this tutorial will help you Change the Drive Icon in Windows.


1.Notepad or any text editor
2.Icon file


Open Notepad and type the following text

Note: Here myicon.ico is the name of my icon file, you can change this name as your icon file's name.

Now save the file as autorun.inf (Go to file menu--> Save As..--> then select All files in save as type drop down menu.)


Now copy the autorun.inf file and icon file both in the drive, you want to change the Icon.


Now It's Done! Just Restart your Computer and See the Changes!
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Monday, 30 September 2013

How to Change Drive Letter

How to change Drive letter in Windows

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Extend Windows 7 trial period
Do you want to change you predefined drive letter in Windows?
If you're interested in changing the drive letter then read on this tutorial.
There are two ways you can change the Drive letter in windows computers.

1. By Command Prompt (command line or text mode).
2. By GUI mode (from Disk management utility)

By Command line

Step 1
Press win+R to bring up Run command. In the Run command type
to bring diskpart.exe window (command line).
Step 2
Now in the Diskpart command line type
list volume
This will list all the volumes followed by volume number (see screen shot).


Step 3
Now type
select volume #

Here # is the number, of the volume, of which you want to change the letter.
Step 4
Now type
remove letter D

Here I want to change the letter "D" so I've typed "remove letter D". Replace D with your drive letter, which you want to change. Now type
assign letter P

Replace "P" with your desired letter. Now type

Done! You've Successfully changed the Drive letter.
Note: You can not change Drive letter of system volume or boot volumes.

By GUI method (Disk management)

Step 1
Press win+R and type
in the Run command box. The Disk Management Window will pop up.( see screen shot)


Step 2
Now Right click on the Drive you want to change the letter and then click on "Change Drive letter and Path". A new window will pop up. Now click on the button "Change..." and select any one letter from the drop down menu. Click on OK.
Hope you all enjoyed this!
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