Saturday, 5 October 2013

Awesome websites to Learn Hacking

Awesome Websites to Learn Hacking

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Are you one of those who are interested in Hacking and want to learn How the Hackers do those stuff? Than the websites mentioned below will help you pull out something and you can do those hacky stuffs too.

Let's move to our list of Awesome Websites to Learn Hacking !


If you have used Backtrack than you must have known it's usefulness in Hacking and Penetration Testing. This website provides many tutorials using Backtrack and they have their own training programs. Visit this Site:

Hack This Site!

Hack This Site is one of the best ethical hacking training website. This site provides many hacking and cracking challenges to test your skills. This site also provides vast selections of ethical hacking articles and tools. Visit this Site:

HellBound Hackers

HellBound Hackers is a security training website which provides wide range of topics including programming, cracking, encryption etc. This website also provide hacking, cracking, encryption and many challenges too. Visit this Site:

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