Friday, 25 October 2013

10 Must have Firefox plugins

Firefox is very popular web browser.firefox It is favourite browser among most of the people in the world. Firefox provides many excellent features, however sometimes, firefox, lacks what we need. But this is NOT the end of the world. There are lots of plugins available which can integrate with firefox and fill our needs.

Here are list of 10 must have firefox plugins


Ever wish you could "clip" a piece of a Web page the way you'd tear an article from a magazine? Clipmarks lets you do exactly that, then tag, store, organize, and share your clips. The site's simple toolbar is available for both Firefox and Internet Explorer. Download Now

DownThemAll 1.0

This download manager lets you speed up, queue, and batch downloads from the Web based on your previously defined patterns. Download Now

Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer 1.0.1

Foxmarks synchs your bookmarks among different PCs and operating systems, making it perfect for getting your office and home bookmark libraries in harmony. Download Now

FoxyTunes 2.96

FoxyTunes can control any of over 30 media players (including iTunes, Musicmatch Jukebox, and Windows Media Player) straight from the browser window. Artist and track information, play controls, and a slider to adjust volume are presented discreetly in your browser. Download Now

Gmail Manager 0.5.4

This extension that lets you manage multiple Gmail accounts and receive new mail announcements as a pop-up on your status bar, eliminating the need to keep Gmail open in a separate window. Download Now

Googlepedia 0.5.1

Googlepedia shows you the most relevant Wikipedia article alongside your Google search results. Download Now


Greasemonkey lets you customize the way Web pages look and work. There are hundreds of scripts available for free, allowing for a huge variety of customization. Download Now

Reload Every

This extension allows you to program Firefox to refresh all open tabs, or one tab, after a set amount of time. It's especially useful for monitoring very active forums. Download Now

Session Manager

Session Manager lets you save the layout and addresses of all your tabs when you shut down Firefox, allowing you to keep that same layout when you open the browser up again.

Tree Style Tab 0.6.2

As the name suggests, this extension allows you to have a tree-style tab bar, like the folder-view tree that's used in Windows Explorer.

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